Selected works


Our productions represent the wide range of full service solutions we provide to clients looking for highly polished online digital marketing content. These pieces are a selection of our award-winning work produced in collaboration with non-profit associations, foundational fundraising events, corporations, educators, start-ups and business development teams.



HRS Opening Plenary - You Give Us Hope

Heart Rhythm Society brand awareness video featuring patients who have been given new life because of it's members. 

Our Challenge: Take patient provided footage and blend with professional capture video to tell a heartfelt story with emphasis on the client's mission and brand.

Association For Financial Professionals - Expo Marketing

This client wanted to showcase testimonials of exhibiting companies to raise awareness.

Our Challenge: To video develop a consistent message throughout based on man-on-street interviews and b-roll on the conference show floor. 


Bishop Ireton Marketing & Brand Awareness

This production was created to inform parents and rising high school freshmen of Bishop Ireton's brand and admission process. 

Our Challenge: Capturing a day-in-a-life snap shot of students at Bishop Ireton while balancing various educational themes under one brand. - Your Professional Home

Website launch campaign video for the American College of Cardiology new "".

Our Challenge: Demonstrating key areas of the website in a clinical setting. The goal of the video marketing campaign was to show the newly designed site in "real world" situations.

CardioSmart TV - Sugar

Educational video for CardioSmart TV's network about sugar and heart health. This segment is seen in patient waiting rooms around the country.

Our Challenge: Demonstrate the effects of sugar in an infographic 2D animation. 

American College of Cardiology - Opening Showcase

3D / Motion graphics video designed for the Opening Showcase at the American College of Cardiology annual meeting.

Our Challenge: Design a brand video that energizes an audience at a science and medical meeting. 

Explore AFP's Member Benefits

Marketing campaign video designed to help drive awareness for the Assoc. For Financial Professionals' membership benefits.

Our Challenge: To create a video that drives awareness to the association's member benefits for both current members and prospective members.